What is possible to do with our ponies at Stadnina Manoah.


For many years now our ponies make a firm and natural group. We try to make as less changes as possible to maintain social relations.

We find regularity important thatís why we keep feed and grazing schedules. Of course there is enough time left for us and our guests to be & go out with the ponies.

It must be fun and pleasure for animals and humans, young & old.

Hack out alone is possible for the experienced rider.

Our ponies are also very suitable for none or less experienced and even for people who are frightened for horses.

Because of their sublime character and gentleness is it easy to make contact with the ponies.

Touch, brush, hug, walk, sit or maybe even make your first ride, our ponies like it all.

Tip: sit down quiet in the meadow and observe the natural behaviour of our herd, itís great to find out how actions and interactions are between the ponies.

So if you really want to find out more & get acquaintance with this unique and versatile breed, you should come to Stadnina Manoah to enjoy it all!


We can provide all information that you want and need to know about ponies. Also videoís and books are available.


Manoah Highland Ponies

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